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Jysrox Pharmaceuticals is a Hyderabad (India)

Jysrox Pharmaceuticals is a Hyderabad (India) based one of the emerging contract research organization & custom development with a primary focus on offering chemistry services to pharmaceutical companies, biotech entities, academics and biomaterials. Jysrox Pharmaceuticals offers Nucleosides, custom synthesis, design, and synthesis of new chemical entities and API intermediates from a milligram to kilogram level. In addition, Jysrox Pharmaceuticals provides process research and development for large scale manufacturing with IP & confidentiality.

We offer our services in the area of Nucleosides and Nucleotide chemistry, Sugar- and/or base-modified nucleosides, Mono-, di-, and triphosphate nucleosides, Phosphoramidites, Aminosugars, Sugar phosphates, Unnatural sugars, Unnatural amino acids, Heterocyclic chemistry, Boronic acids and esters.

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Dr. D.Sudhakar Reddy
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